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There exists a subset of individuals who experience disability, whether adults, children, or teenagers, and manifest behaviors that elicit concern among their familial and social circles. These behaviors, characterized by their intricacy and unpredictability, have the potential to inflict harm upon both the individuals themselves and those in their immediate vicinity. Moreover, such challenging behaviors impede their capacity to engage meaningfully with others, thereby impinging upon their safety, personal growth, and interpersonal relationships. The understanding and interpretation of these challenging behaviors often elude individuals, leading to heightened stress and anxiety amongst their loved ones. Therefore, it becomes imperative to foster an environment that nurtures safety and security, facilitating the provision of positive and proactive strategies to support these individuals. Such an approach serves to mitigate risks, enhance overall well-being, and diminish the severity of arduous circumstances, potentially averting their occurrence altogether.

NDIS Behaviour Support with Empower Support

Ensuring safety remains paramount, individuals exhibiting challenging behavior inherently possess the fundamental rights to express themselves personally, exercise freedom of choice, and lead lives marked by independence. This is where the invaluable assistance of NDIS Behavior Support comes into play.

Behavior Support serves as a catalyst for individuals with disabilities to cultivate positive behavioral transformations, thereby enhancing their autonomy and overall quality of life. Moreover, it equips family members and support personnel with essential tools, empowering them to provide optimal support to individuals facing behavioral challenges without resorting to overly restrictive measures.

As a duly registered provider of NDIS services, Empower Support extends its expertise in Behavior Support across all age groups, spanning from children to teenagers and adults alike. Collaborating closely with loved ones, family members, and fellow service providers, we navigate the intricate landscape of challenging behavior to identify and implement constructive solutions. Drawing upon our extensive experience in disability care, we offer comprehensive guidance in devising and executing behavior support plans that yield the most favorable outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Our services include:

Our services include:

  • Implementing NDIS Behaviour Support Plans so they achieve the best outcomes for participants
  • Skills building (e.g. improving social interactions, communication, emotional regulation and more) so a person no longer needs to use challenging behaviours
  • Supporting family members with behaviour support strategies e.g. how to respond if a person uses harmful behaviours, strategies that lead to a more positive outcome)
  • Helping you address sensory, functional and psychological triggers to challenging behaviours, such as physical space
  • Addressing underlying health issues that may have an impact on behaviour
  • Help with building positive, improved relationships within the family

All of our services are tailored to the person’s unique needs. To enquire about our behaviour support services, please get in touch.

Our Behaviour Support Team

Empower Support is a highly experienced behaviour support provider for people living with disability. With years of experience, best practice strategies and a person-centred approach, we provide support that is not only effective, but fosters quality of life. As a team of disability support experts, we are:

  • Collaborative – we work with people, their family and their support network to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Empowering – we support people to make their own decisions and be in control of life.
  • Positive – we are encouraging, supportive and nurturing in our approach to behaviour support, focusing on what people can do
  • Expert – we are driven by best practice strategies, evidence-based research and attention to detail
  • Consultative – we take on feedback and always seek to improve the services we provide.
  • Respectful – we uphold the rights of people with disability to determine their own lives and make informed choices about their support

For more information about NDIS specialist behaviour support in your area, please get in touch. Our friendly team is happy to help.

Positive Behaviour Support NDIS

Positive Behaviour Support is an invaluable service provided by NDIS to individuals facing cognitive or intellectual challenges. Through the dedicated allocation of funds under the Capacity Building Supports budget, this service aims to cultivate positive behavior, foster social engagement, and establish a robust support system for those in need.

Addressing challenging behavior requires a thoughtful approach, one that leverages the right environment and support. The Positive Behaviour Support plan, meticulously crafted in collaboration with the individual, ensures that their needs are met while preserving their autonomy, freedom, and dignity. It steadfastly upholds the individual’s rights, reserving the use of restrictive practices, such as physical restraint, only when absolutely necessary to safeguard them from harm.

Empower Support proudly implements these indispensable Positive Behaviour Support plans for qualified NDIS participants. Working harmoniously with the individual, their family, support workers, and healthcare professionals, our aim is to place the individual firmly at the core of their support plan, empowering them to make informed decisions and actively participate in their own care.

Positive Behaviour Support is specifically designed to assist NDIS participants who grapple with challenging behaviors that impede their quality of life and hinder their access to meaningful support. This service can facilitate the acquisition of crucial life skills, enhance communication abilities, manage emotions effectively, foster self-confidence, and nurture independence.

Should you have any inquiries or require further details on Empower Support’s comprehensive range of disability care services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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